The Winix PlasmaWave Air Purifier is able to clean up to 284 square feet of space. Energy star rated, this is a highly energy efficient air cleaner. It combines the best filtering technologies to deliver clean and fresh air.

The true HEPA filtration, advanced odor control via carbon filtration, anti-microbial pre-filter and Winix’s PlasmaWave Technology combine with one another to offer superior control of pet and other household odors and allergens.

There is a smart sensor with auto mode. It allows automatic detection of the level of purification need for your room. This is great because it take the guesswork of setting the most appropriate level of operation. It allows you to plug in the machine and forget about it. It will do all the guessing on its own. PlasmaWave Technology is capable of attacking the pollutants at the molecular level without producing potentially harmful ozone.

Features and Specification

  1. Coverage Area: For rooms up to 284 square feet
  2. PlasmaWave Technology: This technology is capable of attacking pollutants at the molecular level without producing harmful ozone
  3. Purifying Technology: PlasmaWave, HEPA, Carbon Pre-Filter
  4. 3-stage air cleaning: There is a 3 stage filtration to remove indoor pollutants and odors for healthier living
  5. HEPA Filter Removal Rate: The filter captures up to 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns
  6. CADR, Clean Air Delivery Rate: For dust 182, for smoke 183, and for pollen 194
  7. Built-in air quality sensor: The sensor adjusts the fan speed automatically to meet the needs of your environment
  8. No ozone: No harmful ozone or other harmful by-products produced
  9. Washable Activated Carbon filter: The carbon filter absorbs VOCs (volatile organic chemicals) and odors.
  10. Remote control: You can control your air purifier from a distance with the included remote control
  11. Adjust controls easily with the digital electronic display
  12. Energy Star Approved
  13. 4 Fan Speeds
  14. AHAM Certified UL Listed
  15. HEPA Replacement Filter: Winix 115115
  16. Product Dimensions: 16.5″ x 8.9″ x 21.9″
  17. Weight: 18.8lbs
  18. Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty

Customer Reviews

While researching the Winix PlasmaWave WAC9500 Air Purifier you can find many reviews awarding this air cleaner a lot of positive reviews. While most of the reviews are strongly positive, there are some negative points worth mentioning.

Most reviewers loved that this product was Energy Star rated. These reviewers stated that even with continuous use you won’t notice a dramatic increase in your energy consumption. This is great as it enables you to reduce the costs and you can freely use this unit as often as you like. The savings from reduced energy use can also be put toward the cost of replacement filters (yes, the most important HEPA filter needs frequent replacements).

The auto feature and the included remote control with holder on side of the unit are popular features. You will enjoy the auto feature as it allows you to plug the unit in, set it once, and forget about it until cleaning is required and/or a new filter.

The remote control is handy if you don’t necessarily want to depend entirely on the auto function. You can control your Winix PlasmaWave air cleaner from a bed or sofa. This air cleaner also comes with a small feature on the side to place the remote control. So you won’t lose it easily.

If you have a large dog or several dogs or pets, you will likely have to go 247 with this air cleaner on higher settings.

If you place this unit in your bedroom, you can expect it to be rather quite. This purifier seems to be especially popular among people who live in apartments. However, if you are a light sleeper, you might complain that this unit may still be too loud to sleep with. So you might look elsewhere if you want to purchase something for nighttime sinus or chest congestion issues.

On the negative side, the filter replacement can be rather expensive, especially since this unit requires more than one filter (with the HEPA filter on the top of the list of pricey replacements). The price for multiple filters could easily add up, however the washable pre-filter has an increased life span, and also increases the life of the other filters. This enables saving money in the long run.   

Overall, this air cleaner is a fantastic solution, as long as are not light sleeper and would like to put it in your bedroom.

Where to Buy

You can buy the Winix WAC9500 from many big retailers offline or online like Amazon, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Target, Costco, Walmart etc.

On amazon, you can buy this air purifier from here. It is currently a recommended product with over 760 reviews and more than 200 answered questions. So anything that is not covered in this review you can find on their website.