Great Air Cleaner at a Very Affordable Price

People buy air cleaners for all sorts of reasons, and not all of them are equally suited for every problem. Winix 5300-2, however, is a versatile air purifier that can match almost anyone’s needs at a very affordable price, whether it’s allergies, air pollution, dander, cigarette smoke, or cooking odors.

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Being able to provide clean and fresh air to your home is one of the most important things you can do.

Especially if your little ones are susceptible to pat dander or pollen, or if someone in your family has to deal with allergens and bacteria, or even if you simply want to breathe more easily.

And the fact is, because we close our inside space, it can be 3 to 5 times more polluted than the outside air.

Winix 5300-2 is currently one of the most popular air cleaners on the market. Not without a reason. With its unconventional design, three-stage filtration process, and a Plasma Wave™ technology, it is one of the best-sellers on,

Not to mention it has an excellent quality to price ratio. Here are some of the main features of the Plasmawave 5300-2.

The Main Features of Winix 5300-2

  • 3 stage cleaning + a PlasmaWave™ stage
  • smart sensor,
  • 360 square feet cleaning area (CADR)

The average bedroom is about 110 square feet, and it is easy to see that Winix 5300 is certified to work in about three times that space.

The weight of this air cleaner is 17.6 pounds. Its dimensions are 14.9 x 23.6 x 7.8 inches.

The three layers of air filtration and designed following a cutting age technology. It is also a set-it-and-forget-it type of technology.

The Automated Sensor

The new unit (Winix 5300-2) has an automated sensor that kicks in and gives you exactly what you need in terms of clean air at that particular moment.

real time indicator
Real Time Indicator

There is a visible blue light indicator that shows you the air quality in your home in real time. The blue light indicates clean air.

But, when something happens, the color is temporarily changed.

For example, your pet walks by, or you are using your lack polish, or there is some source of odor near by, or somebody has lit up a cigar, or your are cooking fish.

Whenever there is something with strong smell, the device picks that up instantly, switching into a higher fan-speed mode.

The important point here is that the sensor will pick up even the pollutants you are not aware of.

You will not be able to notice with your senses all kinds of pollutants in your home. There is a lot of airborne particles that can affect your quality of life, but you simply can’t sense them.

But Winix will be able to sense their presence, and if in automated mode, respond instantly.

Light Sensor

There is a light sensor that will kick in at night to set everything on minimal settings automatically. Everything goes down, and the fan speed is reduced to minimum. All this to ensure that you will get a nice sleeping experience even when the power is on.

The Health Benefits of Winix Air Purifier

After using this air cleaner for some time you may end up noticing that

  • You will sleep much better.
  • Your lungs work better because now they don’t need to filter any more as heavily as before and drag you down. Because if you don’t have air filtration in your house, your lungs and your body have to do that job for you.

Levels of Filtration

three levels filtration
Three-Stage Air Purification

To get to the several filtration stages and their filters you would have to open the device. It turns out it is very easy.

First, there is a magnetized cover. It is very easy to pop it of. On the inside of the cover you can find full instructions on all the filters contained within.

Washable Prefilter

Right behind the cover, there is a washable prefilter. It is a fine mash prefilter. It can catch the larger particles, like hair, pat dander, dust, etc.

Carbon Filter

Next, right behind the prefilter, is the deodorizing carbon filter. It mainly serves to catch and cleanse various odors and bad smells, like tobacco, pet odors, or anything coming from your kitchen.

This stage will effectively prevent bad smell to spread through your living room or bedroom.

HEPA Filter

Next is a true HEPA filtration layer. It is anti-macrobial and it means 99.97 percent of all particles will be filtered through this stage.

PlasmaWave™ Filter

There is another piece of technology: Plasma Wave™. This part works sort of separately from the other three. You have to switch it on, for extra cleansing power.

When you turn PlasmaWave™ on, you will see the word PlasmaWave™ glows and illuminates, indicating that a chemical process is taking place.

It uses state-of-the-art technology to turn the pollutants, bacteria, viruses, and other common household pollutants into water vapor, which is harmless.

PlasmaWave™ eliminates problems often associated with ionizers. Ionizers are great to deal with small airborne particles, but they produce ozone. Too much ozone can be harmful. PlasmaWave™ is such a technology that breaks down small particles at a molecular level and it doesn’t use or produce any ozone to do that.

So, all in all you are getting 3-stage-filtration + PlasmaWave™.

Last but not least, there is a timer, which means you can run your Winix on a schedule, so for example, if you want to run it one hour, or two hours.

More on PlasmaWave™ Technology

PlasmaWave™ Technology is based on a physical process in which corona discharge is produced. This discharge, in turn, breaks the air molecules into positive and negative ions (we say that the air in a plasma state).

Using the natural water vapor present it the air, the crated ions from the plasma will produce hydroxyl radicals. A hydroxyl radical is a very powerful oxidizing agents. It is several times more potent than chlorine or ozone, both of which are used in disinfection.

As an oxidizing agent, it is very effective in killing organic molecules, viruses, germs, bacteria, and other pollutants. While doing that job, the hydroxyl radical is recombined back into water vapor and other harmless molecules.

Similar process happen in the upper layers of Earth’s atmosphere, so PlasmaWave™ is reproducing the type of cleansing already happening in nature.

winix top panel


The CADR rating of Winix 5300 is around 250 for dust, pollen, and smoke. CADR tells us how many cubic feet of clean air it is able to deliver per minute. This is great performance for its price range.

The ACH raging tells us how many times the air is changed per one hour. Winix has a rating of 5, which is excellent for its declared room size of 350 square feet.

Are There Any Complaints

If there is a weaker spot, it would be the activated carbon filter. This purifier uses a filter made of carbon fiber rather than carbon granules. The carbon pallets are more effective, which makes some difference.


This air cleaner can make a big difference for you and your family.

Even if you vacuum often, you can still see in the light coming through the window various particles floating in the air. With Winix you will quickly notice that the air looks lots clearer.

Winix has a beautiful design, so you can have it out in the living room or family room. You can display it proudly, it is that hansom.

It also blends with its right color. For cleaning such a huge space of your home, it doesn’t look that big and it doesn’t take a lot of room.

Very whisper quiet. You can go on auto mode most of the time, and switch to turbo if you absolutely need it. Not to mention it is energy compliant and incredibly energy efficient (only 120 W, which is something like 2 light bulbs).

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