The Oreck Corporation has been founded in 1963 by David Oreck. It quickly became known for vacuum cleaners of excellent quality. At first they were mainly used in the U.S hotel industry.

The main objective of the company was to have powerful, durable, and lightweight vacuum cleaners, which they achieved with flying colors.

After some time, hotel personnel started buying the Oreck cleaners for their own homes. The rest was history.

The company has expanded their product line to air cleaners, maintaining the same standard of excellence.

Oreck air purifiers are able to remove a number of pollutants from the air. Many producers of air purifiers rely on one technology only. Because of that, they have to fall short in one or another aspect of air cleaning.

Oreck’s Machines Can Filter From 0.1 Mircon and Larger

As Oreck does not rely on just one technology, their machines can capture a full spectrum of particle sizes, starting from 0.1 micron and larger.

That means Oreck air purifiers can catch smoke, fumes, smog, dust mite, germs, and bacteria.

In particular, their pre-filter can remove hair and lint.

Their electrostatic filter can remove small particles, like fungi, bacteria, tobacco smoke, dust, and pollen.

Their activated carbon can absorb viruses and odors.

The generator of negative ions can clean up the air.

The capacity of the Oreck cleaners is relatively large, they can cover a large room, completely cleaning the air in it every hour.

The Oreck cleaners require small power to run continuously — which also means they can run non-stop and your electric bill won’t be large. This is always the recommended mode of operation. You are not required to replace any other filter except the carbon filter.

One of the main Oreck purifiers is

Oreck XL Tabletop Professional

Oreck XL Professional is guaranteed to destroy 96% of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and mold. With its Silence Technology, it is very quiet.

Oreck XL Tabletop Professional has a system of filters that are permanent.

First of all it uses an electrostatic collection cell (Oreck’s patented Truman Cell®). In essence, it is a series of metal sheets put together and thin metal coils in between. It looks like this:

oreck xl truman cell
The coils produce low electrical current. As the air passes through the coils, it gets charged and that charge kills germs, fungi, and viruses. The grid collects and pulls the dust and allergens from the air like a magnet.

The air is pulled in by a fan, into the collection cell which is negatively charged in front, and positively charge at the back.

The second filtration layer is a charcoal filter (Odor Absorber™ Plus filter) which comes behind the Truman cell. It further kills germs and removes odors.

Charcoal filter should ideally be replaced every 3 months (around $30-$40 for a replacement filter).

Check out the latest price for the Oreck Charcoal Replacement Filter

Unlike the Charcoal filter, if you take care of the Truman cell, it will last you a lifetime.

Behind the charcoal filter there is a mesh which serves to remove the ozone produced by Truman cell. Air purifiers based on electrostatic collection grids, by virtue of their construction have to produce ozone.

Ozone is beneficial to clean the air and reduce the odors, but too much of it can affect human health. Beyond a certain level of ozone, allergies and other breathing difficulties may become worse.

Of the three filters, only the activated carbon needs replacing.

Modes of Operation

It has three modes: silent, medium, and high. The silent and medium modes are relatively quiet, but the high mode is rather noisy.

With the silent and medium modes switched on you can’t hear much.

There is also a nigh light incorporated near the top of the cleaner. You can optionally switch it off.


  • One of the complaints is related to the fact that opening the unit is not easy. It takes a little practice.
  • This unit works without a problem for a couple of days. After that time, the collector gets dirty and you may get a loud bug zapper noises. It could be a pretty loud noise. On average people report that they have to clean the grids every 3 days. While the Truman cell is easy to clean with water and soap, it has to be completely dry before going back into the device. Otherwise it may damage it if not entirely dry. It is a big inconvenience that could be solved by buying another Truman cell as a spare part (about $60)

Positive Sides

  • You will get a fresh and clean air. There is no HEPA filter, which are known to lose their efficiency and clog up after some time. Not to mention the release of mold back to to room in case of moisture within the HEPA filter.
  • The filters can be cleaned with soap a water when the indicators signalize the they need cleaning. After drying, you simply reinsert them and no expensive replacement filter is needed.
  • The power the Oreck XL Tabletop system uses is comparable to the ordinary bulb. So, you save on electric bills and on replacement filters, (except for the charcoal filter) meaning that your Oreck product pays for itself after some time.
  • Compact, portable design and nice styling.
  • Uses less power than a 100 Watt light bulb.
  • Easy, noiseless, continuous operation.
  • Capable of eliminating volatile compounds of organic origin, like glues, solvents, and other chemicals.
  • The permanent filter needs no replacements.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a silent air purifier to collect the allergens, dust, fungi, pet dander, and other pollutants from your home, Oreck XL Tabletop Professional is a good choice. It might need some cleaning after several days of operation, but it provides good, clean and fresh smelling air.