Living in a big city is not easy and always represents a challenge, especially when it comes to getting enough clean and fresh air.

And breathing fresh air is important to anyone, but above all for kids and older persons.

One of the most popular Air Purifier the recent years is without a doubt O-Ion B-1000. It is enough to take a look at Amazon’s Bestsellers page for Air Purifiers to know what we are talking about. With its relatively low energy consumption (7.5 Watts), O Ion is an affordable eco-friendly alternative.

O-Ion can capture air-born particles down to 0.01 micron and for that it uses half the electrical power of the other more costly units. It comes without a costly replacement filter (there is no HEPA filtration, so no need to buy expensive filters).

How It Works

O Ion B 1000 operates on the principle of electrostatic ionization. The emitted negative ions remove air-born pollutants, with greater efficiency closer to the unit.

The electrostatic technology of this air purifier work by producing attractive electric charge. This charge attracts air pollutants and particles into the unit’s internal filters. There is a series of filters, including a regular filter in a form of a dust collector rod. The rod can be taken out and wiped off with a wet cloth.

Here you can read more about the different types of air cleaners.

Having no need to pull air through the complicated fabric of a HEPA filter, the fan of this air purifier is whisper quiet (when set to Low it is ultra quiet). The unit is easy to operate and it needs minimum maintenance. The maintenance is reduced to cleaning the permanent filter using a cloth.

The carbon filter is there to reduce or totally remove odors and freshen the air.

In addition, there is a UV light (UVGI “ultra violet germicidal irradiation” technology) for killing viruses, bacteria, and germs from the air.

The UV bulb is declared to last about ten thousand hours. Of course, this number depends on the amount of use.

There is one important concern that relates to people with respiratory problems. O Ion B 1000 produces a small amount of ozone. Even though the produced ozone is within the allowed limits, it still may cause some breathing problems with sensitive individuals.


  • Quiet operation with a two speed fan
  • Very affordable
  • Compact in size
  • Easy maintenance
  • Very little power consumption
  • No costly filter replacements
  • Built in UV light and night light


  • Not suitable for sensitive individuals due to small levels of ozone
  • For small rooms only
  • Lower levels of filtration than HEPA filter machines
  • Some users report overheating when on for too long.

Video Review

Here is a Youtube video review on this product that we liked:

Bottom Line

O-Ion B-1000 is a nice affordable model but you have to know its strengths and weak spots.

First of all, be careful with the ozone levels especially if you leave the unit running for a long period of time. If you have respiratory problems this model is certainly not for you.

O Ion air purifier is not that effective for really small particles. If the main concern is pet dander, it will be do just fine, but for pollen and allergies you would likely have to purchase a HEPA filter machine. It has a good cleaning power for smaller rooms without a lot of smog or dust.

So, for serious allergies look for a heavy duty air purifier. Otherwise, O-Ion B-1000 can do a good job at cleansing your home air, in particular getting rid of the larger air pollutants.

If noise is your primary concern, this unit is virtually silent. It spends very little power and the ease of cleaning of the collection rod is a plus. If you are a smoker, or own pets, Q Ion will do a great job at keeping your home air fresh and clean.

All in all, with such a great price and UV germicidal protection included, all smokers, pet owners, and allergy sufferers should definitely check this model out.