If you have severe allergies or asthma this is the unit for you. It is one of the most efficient purifier for allergies and asthma relief.

Clean air can make a huge difference in anyone’s life, helping us live longer and healthier. It can make a difference between sickness and health.

This machine has a medical grade filtration. With Hyper-Hepa technology, this machine puts the concept of air filtration and production of clean air to an entirely new level.

The new edition has more filter life, less noise, and more clean air than ever before.

It is the quieter high performance air purifier in the world.

The Problem With the Ordinary Purifiers

The problem with the ordinary purifiers is that they don’t work against the smallest particles which are directly inhaled and absorbed into the bloodstream. These are the particles that may bring in allergies, asthma, even cancer. These tiniest particles are more than 90 percent of all the particles in the air.

That’s where Hyper Hepa enters the picture. It captures particles down to 0.003 microns in diameter. That’s 100 times smaller than the ordinary HEPA technology.

Most air cleaner manufacturers claim a 99.97 percent efficiency. But the problem is that number represents the efficiency of the hepa filter itself, NOT the total system.

Meet the concept of leakage.

leakage in air purifiers
Leakage in air purifiers is a potential problem

Due to leakage, that number (99.97) is closer to 50 percent. IQAir refers to efficiency in terms of total system efficiency. The total system efficiency is guaranteed at 99.5 percent.

IQAir uses only safe technology, without ions or ozone. Ionizing air purifiers, besides being potentially dangerous, start to loose efficiency as soon as you turn them on. In one or two months they can loose as much as 50 percent efficiency.

IQAir filtering technology never loses efficiency.

In the new edition, the filters last 20 percent longer, which saves money for the owner.

The power this unit uses is no greater than a conventional light bulb.


It offers excellent filtration for odors, fine particles, and chemicals.

It has an extremely long filter life. That means that maintenance is minimal.

Surprisingly quiet on low.

High quality Swiss construction (link to the official website).

It is not a surprise then that this unit has won industry awards for quality, performance, and long term value.

Air Filtration

look inside
A look inside

What really sets IQAir HealthPro apart is its excellent air filtration.

Air travels in from the bottom and passes through 3 powerful filters. The air circulates in all directions for maximum coverage.

The prefilter has a surface area of 30 square feet and captures a lot of particles.

Then the air goes through another filter: the so called V5 cell. It has about 5 pounds of carbon in it, which removes odors, gases, and VOC, and other harmful substances like formaldehyde.

In the HEPA filter all the magic happens. It captures 99.95 percent of particles down to 3 thousands of one micron. About 90 percent of allergens measure around one tenth of a micron. So you will definitely get allergy relief with this unit.

How Long the Filters Last?

hepa filter

The prefilter lasts up to 18 months, the carbon filter lasts up to 2 years, and the HEPA filter lasts up to 4 years.

In the long run the expenses will be like with a conventional HEPA, but the quality you are getting will be worth more for your money.

Filter replacement is easy and it requires no extra tools. The 3D ultra-seal technology ensures there is no leakage whatsoever.

It does wonder for spaces up to 1000 square feet. The larger the room the harder the air purifier would have to run. Therefore for most users we estimate the optimal room size to be about 500 square feet.

There is a sophisticated timer which lets you program the start and stop time on certain days of the week.

This purifier is the best in its class.

The Newest Edition

IQAir HealthPro Plus Series Air Purifier delivers 25 percent more clean air than its predecessor. It is about 30 percent quieter and the filter life is almost 40 percent longer than the version before.

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All these machines are Swiss made, so the quality is great. The engineering is state of the art, the quality of the components is stellar. The manufacturer tests each individual model for their air delivery rates and hand sign the certificate that comes together with the unit. Moreover, they test each of the speed settings, and there are 6 speeds altogether.

the display
the display

The units comes with a nice remote control. With the remote you can choose speeds from 1 to 6. There is also a timer setting.

The display is on the top of the unit. On the right hand side of the display it shows the different filters that are being used. There are 3 in total.

There is a Hyper HEPA filter, pre-filter, and gas and odor filter. The display will show you if the filters are OK and whether or not they need to be changed.

The basic controls are Power, Turn up fan speed, the Menu, and Enter.

The air comes into the unit through the bottom part where the first filter is. Then the air comes out of the top.

If you have severe allergies or chemical sensitivity, this machine absorbs most of the pollutants and allergens.

In Practice

You can tell within a few minutes of turning the IQAir how the odor disappears. The origin of the odor can be cooking or pets, it doesn’t matter. It just takes a couple of minutes on high to clear the entire room.

As we said IQAir will do roughly just short of 1000 square feet.

When compared to other machines using air filters they are pretty quiet and you can keep them on 1 or even 3 at night and they won’t be too loud.

At 1 it can do 40 square feet per minute of clean air. At 2 it is 75, at 3 it is 130, 4 is 170, 5 is 200 and 6 is 300 cubic feet per minute.

6 is really loud and you can definitely hear the unit. But it takes just 3 or 4 minutes to circulate all air in a medium sized bedroom. You can clean your room before going to bed of all allergens in a matter of minutes. And you can tell how much cleaner the air is

The first one is the premax filter, followed by the V5 cell, which is the carbon portion of the unit which contains 5 to 7 pounds of activated charcoal. At the end we have the hyper hepa.

The clean air is medical grade quality.

The first time you turn it on you may hear some crackling noise. It smells slightly like plastic. The carbon within has absorbed some of the chemical like VOC from the plastic. If you let it run for one day that’s not an issue any more.

Definitely worth the money; these machines are expensive but if you are serious about your health, you should take one of these because they are superior over the others, they are quiet, they last a long time.

You should learn as much as you can before making such as big purchase. but there are people who own a couple of them and plan on buying more. That’s how much they like these machines.

If your budget is limited, you can even try to extend the life of the filter.

If you are using these units in a pretty dirty environment, they will clog faster. In a cleaner environment they will take longer, but it depends on how much you use them and how dirty the air is. That is why it is hard to go by the number on the display that indicates the time for replacement.

Here is a tip how to extend the life of the most expensive filter:

Add an electrostatic pre-filter, which is a thin foil. There are different brands of it. You can even use a thin generic prefilter made of carbon. Just tape it to the bottom of the unit.

Replacing the Filters

This machine is very easy to assemble.

When you open the unit, right on the top there is the big hepa filter. You can see that the IQAir Hepa filter is very wide. A HEPA filter is like a fabric with a ton of surface area that can catch a lot of small particles. The size of this HEPA filter is what makes this unit expensive but also effective.

Beneath the HEPA is the motor. It is a strong machine with a 5 years warranty. It is going to draw things in through the pre-filter and out through the HEPA filter and out into your room.

Beneath the motor there is a similar looking filter like the HEPA, but it is somewhat thinner unit. It is the IQAir premax fine dust filter. That is going to pick up a lot of fine particles before even it gets to the HEPA. That’s why the HEPA will last 2 to 4 years provided that you use it 8 hours a day on a number 3 fan. Of course, it will last less if you use it more than 8 hours a day or on higher fan speed.

It’s pretty easy to change the filters, like putting little lego bricks together. So basically you have a prefilter, a hepa filter and a carbon filter.

The carbon chamber can deal with fumes, smoke, and odor. This chamber will also absorb gases.

When you add up all the advances and improvements of the new edition, it is amazing how you can get cleaner air and longer lasting filters than ever.

IQAir Healthpro plus manual (PDF)

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