In this post you will find a detailed description of Hamilton Beach TrueAir Allergen-Reducing HEPA filter air cleaner, what it can do and how effective it can be at home air purification.

The fact that many loyal Hamilton Beach customers are flocking to this air purifier gives a good indication about its quality. With over 1,650 customer reviews and over 250 answered questions at the moment of writing this article, it is certainly a very popular air cleaner.

Let us leave that aside and try to see why so many people like this air purifier.

As far as cleaning the air, the Hamilton Beach 04383A does a very good job. It does exactly what it states it will do.

The manufacturer didn’t try the old trick of maintaining it will cover the whole house when it is obvious it cannot. It states a nice 160 square foot area to be cleaned by this air purifier. The best part is it actually moves a decent amount of air through itself for air filtration. In addition, being ultra quiet comes as a huge bonus.


In this section, we will go over the features you will find regarding this air purifier. It may seem simple, but along with a decent amount of craftsmanship it has been able to give back what you pay for it in dollar amount.

  • Construction
  • Controls
  • Permanent HEPA Air Filter


The construction of this unit is like any other tower air purifier. Many people love tower air purifiers because they go so well with their decor and fit nicely in the corner of the room and don’t take up any space.

The overall construction of Hamilton Beach 04383A  is just like most other plastic air purifiers. It could be better made in terms of durability, but for the moment it works just fine. It also looks pretty cool and you can use it either horizontally or vertically.


The controls of the Hamilton Beach 04383A are very simple in design. You have three speeds and the lowest being ultra quiet (both the motor and fan) for an air purifier. This of course is what many people want in their homes, but very few air purifiers are able to deliver great air filtration while also at the same time remaining silent. That takes a lot of air diffusing, which is difficult.

The cool part about this fan speed technology is that you can increase the cleaning efficiency. If you spray some hairspray near the machine, turn the fan up higher to get rid of the problem and then back to low to minimize the noise.

Permanent HEPA Air Filter

Hamilton Beach HEPA Purifier
You can vacuum
the HEPA filter

These so called “permanent” HEPA air filters are not really permanent. You can clean them for a certain amount of time and after that they start to wear down like everything else. Other manufacturers also use them (e.g., Honeywell 17000-s)

It is like a rechargeable battery that eventually just can’t take anymore and needs to be replaced. However, it takes quite some time before that happens.

It is just good enough to get the job done for many allergy sufferers and to decrease the pollen and dust pollution. Stopping mold spores would be pushing the limit. You can expect it to stop 99% of particles down to 3 microns at its best when it is completely clean thoroughly.


Hamilton Beach 04383A really does the job when it comes to removing dust. If you are an allergy sufferer, you won’t sneeze as much as you did before. It can help ease the health problems of asthma sufferers as well. We suggest using a charcoal prefilter in conjunction with the HEPA filter for better air filtration. It will keep the HEPA filter cleaner and more efficient and remove unpleasant odor as well.

You can use this unit all around the clock without any problem.

All in all, you will get an air cleaner with a simple and inconspicuous design, great for smaller rooms.  Your home air will be fresh and clean and your allergies under control.

We hope you have found this review of Hamilton Beach TrueAir Hepa air purifier useful. If you have any question, you can send us a mail.

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