In this post, you will find great information on the Blueair air purifier system before you consider purchasing one of it for your home. If you have any questions please contact me by email.

Blueair is a great (Swedish) company with great air purifiers. They are quite popular with people and do very well as home air purifiers since they are able to capture dust, pollen, mold and pet dander.

They have changed the game when it comes to using ionizing technology. Because, it is hard to have this type of technology and use it properly to ensure the ozone levels are low and ozone is not released out into the air. That takes a particularly good solutions, and it is finally one that people can trust.

Besides possessing quality ionic technology, they also have great air filters as well.

Their HEPA filters are actually very good. They also have a carbon filter called “SmokeStop” that does just as advertised.

Performance wise this is one of the best air cleaners on the market.

BlueAir air purifiers are made of pure steel, which makes them strong and durable. Moreover it is not easy for air to escape around the corners as it could be the case with plastic cases.

This model has a very high CADR ratings on all 3 accounts (smoke, dust and pollen). Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) was developed by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers. It shows how well the air is cleaned per volume.

It also has the energy star seal of approval. These two factors say a great deal as to how much you can trust this unit.

An important thing you may be wondering about is the quality of the fan. The models of this class suck in the air from the bottom to the top. This makes the air pass through several layers of filtration before coming out clean on the other side.

With this air purifier you will barely notice the fan sound even at higher speeds. Many people label noise as one of their main complaints.

BlueAir 601 Review

This air cleaner has turned out to be a great upgrade to their past line of products. Below, we will show a list of features and give an in depth analysis of each one.

This particular model is a part of the 600 series. You have 3 different models in there: 601, 603, and 650E.

650e is an electronic model, whereas the other two are a little bit more manual. Both the electronic and the manual models have their own pros and cons.

601 is a manual model with 3 different speeds, You have off, 1, 2, and 3. The 1 setting is also called HEPA silentTM mode, while the maximum nr. 3 setting enables maximum airflow, which is also indicated on the front panel.


This unit includes a lot of great technologies that deliver great performance, and, at the same time, low maintenance and low sound.

We particularly like what they have done with their HEPA setup that makes it more efficient at air purification.

  • Construction
  • BlueAir HEPASilent Technology
  • The SmokeStop Filter


The construction of this air purifier is one of the main reasons why it performs so well.

You may find out that most air purifiers are built out of plastic, but NOT this one.

The Swedish design of BlueAir 601 has steel housing. This helps with sound dampening and also increases the longevity of the product.

You can say that is one of the reasons they could put out a stunning 10-year warranty on this air purifier.

This machine boasts itself on having a very silent operation. If you compare it with various household appliances you can say it is close to what a desktop computer would emit.

The fan power is not as strong as you would find with most air purifiers because they use two different types of media: one being a regular HEPA filter and the other being an electrostatic filter that doesn’t require such a great thickness and the air doesn’t have to be forced so hard.

Now here we have a great example of combined technologies to meet efficiency. It even uses a diffuser to make sure you aren’t hit with a powerful wave of clean air so no noise comes from that side either.

Another important distinction is that the Blueair HEPA filters are made of polypropylene. Instead of using glass fiber as source material, they use a nontoxic polypropylene and only creates carbon dioxide and water when it is put out in a landfill.

BlueAir HEPASilent Technology

The technology of this air purifier is what allows high performance, while still remaining silent enough for you to sleep peacefully through the night.

Many air purifiers fall short on this issue, which usually leaves customers wanting a bit more for the money they spent.

This system starts off with the fan sucking in air from the bottom and passing it through ionic brushes that charge the polluted air particles and then they are captured in the electrostatic air filter.

The rest of the particles are caught in the HEPA air filter. It is a simple system, but one that works great to diffuse a lot of the airflow that is normally needed to make this amount of air purification.

The SmokeStop Filter

The BlueAir SmokeStop Filter
The BlueAir SmokeStop Filter

There is a regular particle filter, but also you can install the SmokeStop filter. The SmokeStop filter is a carbon based filter.

The first type of filter you will use when you want to deal with dust, whereas the second to get rid of smoke and other odors in general.

Just running your BlueAir for half an hour with the SmokeStop filter, your room will smell better than ever.

If you use the SmokeStop filter, your machine will also run much quieter, as the carbon inside the filter will act as a sound damper.

The recommended exchange time for this filter is 6 months of continual operation, or 4380 hours in total.

How Blueair 601 Works?

Again, it has a fan inside and draws air from beneath. Once the air is pulled in from the bottom section, it goes up and is being pushed through several filters. In fact, there is one filter at the top, one at the front and one at the back side of the unit.

As described above, the filters are actually HEPA silent filters. It means they are capable of cleaning the air of particles that are 0.1 microns or larger.

These are pretty small particles to begin with. And, this is a great thing about this air purifier. because it is cleaning a lot of stuff from the air.

Furthermore, it cleans these particles with an effectiveness rate of 99.97 percent.

What’s really great about Blue Air is that’s it is considered among the quietest air cleaners on the market today.

On speed 1, there comes on a little blue light and that’s in principle the only way you can tell that it’s even on. You can hardly hear it at all.

Believe me when I say: in your bedroom this is what you want.

You can also use it for some other places. Keep in mind that a typical bedroom is about 350 square feet and this unit is made for 679 square feet, so it will cleanse your bedroom air even more effectively. It also means you are able to use it in other larger areas.

The Verdict

This is a great air purifier to get rid of the dust and pollen out of your home air. If you have asthma or allergies or other respiratory issues it’s great to have all of these things out of the air, so you can breathe somewhat better and cleaner air.

If you are trying to clean your home air from dust and pollen, this unit is for you.